The Orlando Magic

Orlando offers great entertainment – especially when it comes to sports!  Come see the Orlando magic at the Amway Center!

The Orlando Magic have been playing the Amway for over 20 years since becoming a franchise in 1989… and every game is great evening of Orlando Entertainment!

Amway Center

Orlando, FL

Fun Fact
“Magic – Out of a total of 4,296 submitted entries, the Orlando Sentinel sponsored a name-the-team contest for Orlando’s prospective expansion franchise, Challengers—an allusion to the space shuttle that crashed in 1986—was the most popular suggestion. Other entries included Floridians, Juice, Orbits, Astronauts, Aquamen, and Sentinels, but the panel of judges, including Orlando team officials who reviewed the suggestions, decided to go with Magic. The name is an obvious nod to the tourism-rich city’s main attraction, Disney World” – Sports Team History

“Stuff the Magic Dragon, the mascot of the Orlando Magic basketball team, proposed to Kate Upton at a basketball game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, in 2014!”

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